Viva Las Vegas: Wishing Strength & Comfort Through a Great City’s Needless Tragedy

Las Vegas-

My heart is with you. It breaks for you. I cry with you. My genuine prayers of healing and comfort are with you. Your unique city holds a very special place in my heart.

Las Vegas is the place where I got my first big break through as an artist. It was actually on the Mandalay Bay stage that I got the opportunity to do what I love for thousands of people on a nightly basis.

It was backstage where I was blessed to meet countless friends. It was also there where I met the woman who today, is my fiance.

When people talk about Vegas, most think of its reputation for wild nights, gambling and funny memories of regrettable choices. An adult Disney World. But when I think of Vegas, I can honestly say that my foremost memories are of the beauty and heart the incredible community of Las Vegas locals.

Maybe it’s the weather. Perhaps it’s the natural result of a city built on hospitality and making visitors feel like royalty. But during the year that I lived there, I was enveloped by an incredible power of warmth,kindness and energetic appreciation that charged my spirit with more voltage than The Strip.

Las Vegas, you are the city that provided me my first major platform to entertain the world through my art of storytelling and song. Your community introduced me to many wonderful souls and you provided the meeting ground where I’d meet my soul mate. You have profoundly changed my life.

Vegas, as I think of you this week, I maintain the thoughts of incredible happiness that I experienced there. But those thoughts will be accompanied by the sadness and anger of this horrific tragedy. I am furious over the knowledge that whatever the cause of this attack – an insane number of guns in America, Nevada’s irresponsibly relaxed gun laws, radical ideology , an inadequate mental health care support system or all of the above- we are not doing enough to thoughtfully and lovingly prevent innocent needlessly perishing.

The people of Las Vegas are strong and they will recover. I send to you the powerful vibrations of love, encouragement and support that I received when I was there.

#vivaLasVegas 💜💜💜