The Editor

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Photo Credit: Robb Sapp

What’s good!?
I’m Will, Chief Editor and Founder of
The Conscience Cloud.

Born and raised on the south side of Chicago, I was nurtured by a strong, loving family whose values were reinforced by  a proactive, freedom fighting church community.

In addition to having the best food,culture and sports franchises in
North America, The Windy City has been the perfect birth place for the ideas that have motivated my life’s work and the inspiration behind The Cloud.  It is a city filled with the warmth of friendly faces and hard working communities… Sadly, it is also a place stifled by the unforgiving, bitter cold of segregation, a disenfranchised middle class, street violence and of course, an infamous political machine. It was in growing up in this beautiful yet complex city I love that I knew that my life’s mission was to do my part to bring more love, peace, laughter, hope and justice to our society.

Anyone who knows me well knows that because I’m a very passionate person, I can run my mouth for a loooooooooooonng time. haha. I also love to write so if nothing else, this site will be a great platform for me to express myself and give my friends and their ears a break from hearing me go on and on and on and on and…..

In addition to my role as a curator and writer here @ The Cloud,
I’m also an artist and uses his love of music and storytelling to entertain, empower and inspire.