The Mission

What’s good?!

Welcome to The Conscience Cloud!

Here you will find essays, editorials, videos,music, art and other postings that have been shared with the intent to stimulate the mind and uplift the spirit.

Our mission is to do our small part to promote love, justice, fairness and peace.

We also seek…

♦  To be a resounding voice for the voiceless in the never-ending battle for justice; never sacrificing the truth for the sake of being popular.
♦  To encourage thoughtful conversations about some of the complex challenges that our society faces.
♦  To bring you thought provoking, unique perspectives on current event issues and pop culture.

In short, we want to appeal to your CONSCIENCE;
to strike a nerve and inspire you to feel something. Say Something. Do something.

But it isn’t all so serious.
We also aim to create a space of positivity, joy and encouragement for those of you who may be seeking a positive respite from the daily grind. You can find these bits of inspiration in our Life Support Section. Whether it be through a poem, a song, a funny video, some helpful tips or positive advice, “Life Support” aims to uplift and inspire. Coming soon there will also be a link that you can click if you are in need for a place where you can share your hopes, fears or prayer concerns in confidence.
As Lupe Fiasco puts it, we’ll be “your conduit to keep you calm through it”.

We want the content that you find here to resonate with you in a way that makes you feel connected to the experience here and hopefully, more connected to our society; inspiring you think deeper.Think differently. To say something. To do something.

We would love for you to reach out to us with any constructive feedback that you may have. Feel free to submit suggestions, corrections or just sing our praises ; ) CLICK HERE to see how you can keep in touch.

Thank you for joining us.
Enjoy the elevator ride up to The Conscience Cloud