No Love Found For “Motown”

Detroit. Once a thriving and essential artery of America’s economy, has been continuously disrespected by the absurd selfishness of American government and financial greed.

Today, 20,000 people who have been the victims of systematic economic oppression may have their water cut off.

Today, on National Teacher’s Day of all days, teachers are protesting a system that continues to find endless money for wars and corporate welfare, but refuses to adequately finance education so that our most precious gift – our children, can receive the tools to go forth, lead productive lives and influence change across the world.

When Republicans scapegoat the poor, the disenfranchised and the oppressed –
When Democrats are so cowardly & afraid to challenge President Obama & the Democratic establishment while continuing to sell the lie that we should be grateful for their leadership-
I point to cities like Detroit.
Once a crown jewel, now treated like forgettable, second-hand pawnshop trinkets.

We are in this together.
We are ALL Detroit. Or at least we should see it that way.
If we don’t realize it before it’s too late,
then we will all be Detroit.

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